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April 20th, 2011 by Shannon-Rose Design

The Pinterest homepage.

In the same vein as Polyvore, StumbleUpon and Tumblr—which allow you to grab content from the web, create inspiration boards, and ‘reblog’ others’ finds with a click—Pinterest is giving the art, fashion, and design communities a new way to gather the things they love around the web and house them in one place. Easy to do, share, and browse.

The Pinterest site allows you to find ‘boards’ you’d like to follow, make friends, and search for things you’d like to be “pinterested” in on your own. Install a button in your browser—a “Pin It” bookmark—hop from site to site, and “pin” things you dig.  They all get housed on your Pinterest for later organization.

What about image credits? [A blogging morality dilemma touched on here.] Easy: Pinterest automatically gives credit and a link back to the site where your pinned images come from.

Pinterest boards.

Bloggers are using Pinterest boards as extensions of their platform; what doesn’t make it on to the blog can find a home on a blogger’s inspiration “Pinterest” board. It’s also another way to connect with readers and bloggers with similar interests.

Below is an example of a popular image that made the rounds on Pinterest, the Baguette Truck:

A Pinterest image.

The iPhone app:

The Pinterest iPhone app.

“Pin” your favorites with your mobile phone, using the Pinterest mobile app. You can also create your own pins, by taking photos of places you are and posting them. Before you know it, your whereabouts will become someone else’s inspirations.

Just secure your Pinterest invite, and start pinning away.

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