Howtek Drum Scanner, What To Do

April 23rd, 2009 by Shannon-Rose Design

Old School Howtek Drum Scanner

Old School Howtek Drum Scanner

Howtek Nameplate

Howtek Nameplate

Many, many years ago I bought a drum scanner that cost a fortune. Back in the day, when photographers used film, we could scan in seventy 30mm slides at a clip. For the last two years I haven’t had a need to even turn the machine on.

Drum Placed Inside Scanner

Drum Placed Inside Scanner

Hightech Controll Unit

Hightech Controll Unit

I have come to the conclusion that the machine has to go, but I’m emotionally attached and can’t bring myself to eliminate it from the office. The drums are huge and can do reflective art and transparencies up to 17×24. The whole thing is still in working order but it is old and needs a SCSI hookup (not USB) which is hard to find these days. Its “significant other” is a 14 year old mac that runs the scanning software.

I would like to see it continue working as as a scanner, but maybe there is value in the fact that it is an old piece graphic production technology. Maybe a photographer with a huge archive of film would like to digitize their collection.

The Drums Would Make a Nice Pot For Plants

The Drums Would Make a Nice Pot For Plants

Twelve Year Old Sidekick Mac Power PC

Twelve Year Old Sidekick Mac Power PC

On the other hand I could break it all apart and stick it in the trash and recycle the mother boards. The drums themselves would make interesting planters since they have a hole in the bottom.

Anyone Interested?? Make an offer.

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23 Responses to “Howtek Drum Scanner, What To Do”

  1. Eric Nelson says:

    You might want to sign up for the Yahoo user group ScanHi-End as there are a lot of drum scanning folks there and possibly someone who would be interested in your scanner. we still use them! =)

  2. Chris says:

    What a powerful tool google is..
    I might be interested. Which model is it (I was more into Scanmate scanners but now I’m considering wider spectrum of possibilites so I’m unfamiliar with all the models just by looks:)? Hit me back


  3. Chris
    This is the big howtek, it comes with two drums the large one holds 18×23 inches the small one is great for scanning small batches. It will come with the computer which has the software on it.
    One big issue to think about is that is is SCSI not usb, so getting files off of it is a pain. It is also system 9 so it won’t connect well with osx. It still scans nicely.

    I don’t want to ship it, pick up only

    Make an offer

    Richard Kline

  4. John Ducsai says:

    Is this Howtek Scanner still available ?

  5. John
    It is for sale, but I am not willing to ship it, this machine doesn’t travel that well. If you are located in the area, you can pick it up, but shipping would be a very bad idea.

  6. Graham Howe says:

    What model is your Howtek? It is still available?



  7. Ricci says:

    Shannon what software where you using on the old MAc power pc?. i have the same scanner,which i would love to use but no software. would you be interested in selling the software for the scanner with the dongle.



  8. John says:

    Did you end up selling the Howtek? If not, what do you want for it.

  9. Stephanie says:

    I have a Howtek 4500 Scanmaster for sale. anyone interested email me at

  10. John H says:

    did you end up selling the Howtek 7500 and all the accessories, Drums, etc.


  11. Martin says:

    Were you able to sell your scanner? I have the Howtek D4000 which I would like to get rid of, I don’t want to trash it and would consider giving it away. It also comes with a computer and lots of software to run the scanner.
    If you have any thoughts or tips i would appreciate it.

  12. keith says:

    Hi Martin I would be interested in your scanner where in the country are you based? I shoot mainly in medium format looking for a high quality way to scan in the negatives

  13. This scanner has been sold. It now has a happy home at a photographers studio.

  14. I have same scanner, Howtek 7500 with 2 different software packages if anyone still interested. Shoot me an email:

  15. Eliot says:


    I am trying to find a Howtek 4500 or better, preferably in the south or northeast somewhere so I could see it run and pick it up. Does anyone know of one looking for a home?

    Thank you!


    Please email me at

  16. Randy says:

    I have a Howtek 4500 drum scanner. It still does a great job but I just don’t use it now. In great shape. Location South Orange County. California.

    Thank you,


  17. Randy says:

    My contact information could help…. (4500 Howtek Scanner).

  18. Joe says:

    I have a Howtek Scanmaster 7500 for sale including software and a Mac to run it with 2 large drums, a small drum, and mounting station. It is in Wisconsin…….any one interested???

  19. Mike says:

    anyone with a howtek in good working condition, with drum and mounting station, e-mail me.

  20. Joe says:


    I have a Howtek 7500 running with software and 3 drums are you interested? contact me at


  21. Babak says:

    I am also looking for a Howtek scanner if anyone has one available.


  22. Edward says:

    I have a 4500 with a G4 Mac running it.
    2 drums and mounting station.

    I would prefer not to ship. I’m in the Seacoast area of NH.

  23. Joe says:


    Are you still looking for a Howtek scanner? I have Howtek 7500 with mounting station, 3 drums, software and a Mac that runs it all for $1200.00 and it is in great shape.