Getting to know… SRD’s Director of Web Design & Programming, Scott.

July 30th, 2009 by Shannon-Rose Design

Moving right along… now we’re introducing Scott Livingston, as well as bringing him down to eye-level. See, Scott is tall. So not only does he clearly know what’s going on in every corner of the web, he knows what’s going on on the top of your head.

  • Loves his job because: he gets paid to know what’s going on on the Internet.
  • On his playlist: Frightened Rabbit, Doves, Glasvegas, the National, the Coast
  • Can be overheard saying: “I saw this thing on the Internet…”
  • If pet were a human, would be employed as: a furniture stress tester
  • Inspired by: Good weather, a new record, better whiskey
  • Wants you to know: it’s not his fault
  • Fell in love at first sight: at the guitar shop. Many times.

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